Apostle Apollinaire HABONIMANA was born in 1972 in the city of Bujumbura, married with his wife NSABIMANA Jeannette, Father of 4children. He is a newborn again Christian, and filled with the Holy Spirit. His vocation started when he was still in primary school; here is his story:

Since when he was a schoolboy, Apollinaire HABONIMANA showed an undeniable talent for song everyday all his classmates enjoyed listening to him when singing. His parents took him to the American Missionaries School where he learned the word of God beside other subjects.

Apollinaire received Jesus-Christ in his life as his Lord and saviour when he was 14 years old, from that time; he started attending Sunday school at the church and became a member of one of the choirs.

At that time he entered the musical universe, thanks to a friend who taught him how to play the guitar.

Later on, his spiritual and musical life reached a decisive turning point. He met two men who will completely change his career and life for good.

In 1988, he met the late singer David NIKIZA, who discovered that Apollinaire was gifted in music. He became his guide in that field and Apollinaire extended his knowledge in musical instruments and song. NIKIZA had also created a prayer cell where Apollinaire, for the first time, will learn deeply the meaning of living in the presence of God. He will accompany NIKIZA in his different gospel campaigns. Two days later, he met David NDARUHUTSE Pastor and Representative of the African Revival Ministry. NDARUHUTSE invited Apollinaire into his biblical institute where he took that opportunity to deepen his knowledge of the Bible. The two men having the same vision will now be partners in serving God till NDARUHUTSE’s death in 1997. They founded together the Living Church of Burundi “Eglise Vivante de Jésus-Christ” and led various gospel campains in Burundi and Rwanda.

In 1993, Apollinaire flew to Britain. He spent twelve months at Horsham Roffey Place where he reinforced his biblical knowledge. There he met Karl and Colin Owen, together they released the album “Yesu Vyizigiro” in 1994.

Back in Burundi, he set up the Worship team the aim of which is to restore the temple of David (Amos 9:11).In 1998, the “Worship team” was renamed “Shemeza Music.” Its vision grew too. It increased cooperation with other churches for worship. The same year, he returned to the United Kingdom to get on in music and released his second album ‘Wastahili Sifa”

In 1999, “Shemeza Music” organized concerts and seminars in different churches and music halls in Burundi, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

In 2002, a third album was produced and this time with the participation of the whole group. “Mpore Mama” has the God’s peace as the main theme in the Great Lakes region.

A fourth album “Regeneration” has just been released in December 2004. It shows the maturity of the singer in particular and the whole group in general. This is reflected in music and a deep commitment to God by this young Christian leader.

– A single Song titled SINGLE SINZOREKA GUSHIMA produced in November 2007at Tanganyika Studio
– Video production with the team « CELEBRATION LIVE CONCERT » December 2009
– Video production with the team << CELEBRATION LIVE CONCERT>> December 2010
– Production of the latest Album ” Adoration vertical) in December 2015


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